Thursday, May 18, 2006

We are at war

There is an urban legend that one can place a frog in a pot of lukewarm water and gradually increase the temperature until the foolish creature is cooked. While this anecdote is not true, the message is hard to miss: things that gradually worsen can eventually kill.

A story in the Bozeman Chronicle and yesterday's indignities at the Seattle airport combined to remind me of this. The front page story was about a peace march of 1,000 individuals on Mother's Day in downtown Bozeman. The indignities were the usual airport security measures we endured returning home.

The peace marchers seemed to be saying that if we just leave Iraq and Afghanistan then all will be well. That seems pretty desirable to me, too: young American men and women would not be crippled and killed, and Iraqis caught in the crossfire would be spared. If only it were so simple, and our adversaries read slogans on placcards.

Back to the indignities: at security, I forgot to remove my PDA from my back pocket. In the process of trying to remove offending metal and stop the beeping, I took off my belt. I had already removed my sandals and fleece sweater. But the PDA was still there, I continued to set off the alarm, and I became a suspect.

The TSA man waved his wand over me and then patted me down. Another TSA man x-rayed my poor PDA. "It's just a PDA, Jack." I don't have anything against the TSA. They are just doing what the national government has decreed: reducing our liberties so the jihadists won't use airplanes as weapons.

My point is this: we are on a war footing and peace marches won't change that. The Islamic jihadists will not stop until the West bows to their god (Allah) or until they are decisively defeated.

The jihad -- briefly interrupted by colonial subjugation of Islam and modernism -- is on again. Even a casual reading of history makes it abundantly clear that Islam is an imperialist religion and aims to conquer the world by whatever means.

Indignities at the airport can be endured, but they are only one notch of increased temperature. At some point we've got to fight or surrender our culture. If not now, when?

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