Saturday, March 27, 2010


We're so accustomed to ordering items from Internet suppliers, and so accustomed to good results, the scammers at took us by surprise.

Several weeks ago my wife ordered some fruit and nut food bars from a company called They showed up quickly, we paid our bill and we thought no more of the supplier.....until unrelated charges of $29.95 and $2.97 showed up on our credit card statement. The former was for NBS * LifeFitMovers and the latter for NBS * MyCostFreedom (Cost Smashers).

We didn't order either of these "services"....or so we thought. On investigation, it appears that even my sharp-eyed wife missed the "fine print" on the checkout form at that said we were signing up for these services unless we unchecked a check box, or something of the sort. Turns out that many others have had similar complaints about

I called the toll free number of the suppliers and asked them to cancel the subscription. I then called Bank of America where we have had our VISA for many years. They removed the charges, and told me that similar scams happen all the time. They said it was a lucky thing the bogus charge was only $29.95....often they are $149.95.

Lesson learned: stick with reputable sellers, and check the fine print carefully on checkout forms. As for the supplier, after the bad experience at we won't be back.