Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Want My Mouth Guard Back

In the evening, as I sat on the bed to read before going to sleep, I saw Linda's mouth guard on the sheet at the foot of the bed between our two duvets. That would not be very exciting were it not for the events that led up to it.

On Tuesday evening, the 1st day of BSSM, Linda said her mouth guard was missing, and that was not good news. It helps her sleep, and it measurably increases her blood oxygenation. It is a custom-fitted appliance, and cost more than $2000 to study, design, build and fit. The story of the mouth guard is interesting in itself, but I'm going to stay on track.

We looked for it around the bed, in the duvets, and on the floor. I had washed clothes early the day of it's disappearance, and Linda wondered if she had put it in a pillowcase, as is her custom for keeping it safe when she takes it out. I even stopped by the apartment complex office to ask if it had been turned in from the laundry area.

We had heard the story from Bethel about the man who lost his knife (video below), and said to the Lord, "I want my knife back.". The knife mysteriously reappeared. Since then, others have prayed similarly and some have seen miraculous the man whose missing watch was on his thumb the next morning when he awoke!

Well, we prayed that, too. "Lord, we want that mouth guard back!" It is no stretch for the God who loves us to take care of the things that concern us, so we asked in faith for this small thing. $2000+ maybe it's more of a "medium thing". :)

And there it was....right in plain sight at the end of the day.

Some might scoff and say that it was tangled up in the bedding and it was just a coincidence that it appeared in that way. Maybe, but I have observed that we have more of these "coincidences" when we pray. From my perspective, it was a miracle.

So....we give praise to the God who loves us, and watches over our lives!


  1. Hallo David and Linda,
    I also am a little bit skeptical about this
    (what I don't want to say that it is not possible it is possible, but it is allways so far away for some), but if a man and woman of faith have experience this than it is true.We indeed serve a good and lovely God. We love you Jozef and Luciƫnne

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on this, dear friends. I understand your skepticism.
    It is certainly possible that we just did not see it mixed up in the bedclothes.
    But we did look in the bedclothes for it. And it was not there when we folded the duvets to make the bed neat.
    But there it was later in the day....right in plain sight between the two duvets that we had folded earlier.
    Was it a real miracle? Only God knows!
    But for us, it is. We serve a good God, and we expect good and even amazing things because He loves us.

    1. what I mean to say also; is that we as people get so preoccupied with the things of the world and than forget the favor we have from God and that He whants to care for us in all things we need. I believe that you looked for it and realy did not find it( because it was not there)and that God brought it back, as for me maybe because of some prayers were not being answered I reacted like this. writing the word "skeptic" is not realy the expression its more that I doubt when it comes to me, I think than "would it work for me" and I know now it will. I have to learn a lot especially when it comes to recieving. In and through Christ connected your friend and brother abroad :-)