Friday, March 31, 2006

A Weekend to Remember

Linda and I last weekend were at "A Weekend to Remember," which is a seminar created by Family Life, which is in term on the ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ. It's designed to help marrieds live well together. I'm ready to recommend it for any married couple, even with as many years of married experience as Linda and me (34 years). I wish we had done this decades earlier.

Key points? Perhaps these: understanding the concept of "oneness," communication, forgiveness.

Are we there yet? I keep thinking this good and delightful union of which I am a part cannot get much better, but it does. Still, we find places of recently as 3 hours ago. So, we keep working on it, and finding ways to make it better.

Thank you, Father for proclaiming marriage and the joy of life together!

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