Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day Two After "Liberation"

It's called the Liberation Treatment because a fair number of MS sufferers around the world have been "liberated" from many or most of their symptoms by it. My wife Linda had the treatment Monday. This is day two after her CCSVI was repaired with balloon angioplasty in her jugular and azygous veins.

It feels as if her energy level has markedly increased. Yesterday morning she reported that her hand was working easily for the first time in many weeks. Her pain level was down yesterday.

Today, the report is still good. She seems to have more energy than before. That alone is a good result. Pain is up, and hand is not working quite so well. Some of that may be due to tiredness from the driving around we have been doing.

The docs at Albany Medical Center recommend not forming a firm judgment about the results of the procedure for at least three months. That's the way we're going to look at it. We see some good things, but hope for more as the repaired veins do their work!

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