Saturday, July 08, 2006

Courts Nix Homosexual Marriages in NY, GA: Good Decisions

Decisions by high courts in New York and Georgia ruling against gay marriage-like unions are a happy punctuation mark in the struggle for reaffirmation of the value of marriage to society. While the courts' decisions were rooted in interpretation of state constitutions, they are still good news. For one thing, the judges did not try to twist the laws according to their own personal beliefs, and for another, alternatives to marriage are not lifted higher.

Families are the bedrock foundation of civilization, and much of the turmoil in society today can be traced to their breakdown. The institutionalization of other civil unions might not seem wrong at first glance, but the reality is that they would be destructive to our civilization in the long term.

An increasing number of organizations and political divisions have granted the rights and benefits normally accorded only married people to unmarried heterosexual unions and homosexual unions. While this behavior is currently popular, I am convinced that we will findthe long term negative consequences to our civilization will be painful.

The value to our civilization of strong marriages of men and women cannot be overstated. We must continue to affirm and lift up this institution for the benefit of generations not yet born.

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