Thursday, January 31, 2008

India - Early in the day - 31 January 2008

The chanting continues. It isn’t a problem; I’ve “switched it off.” It’s just interesting. The people are still swirling around.

The day has dawned pleasant although the air pollution continues. This must be a real health issue for Indians. Flowers and green plants are all about.

We are in the YWCA International Guest House. When we registered, our visas were examined carefully and recorded, and we were entered into a very large book with column headings readable from top and bottom. Litre bottles of Aquafina were brought for each of us. Indian water is not to be consumed raw. One always need to know the source of water and juice to avoid “Delhi belly” I am told. Even toothbrushing must be done with bottled water.

Breakfast was porridge, toast, tea, suji (a soft, sweet mass made of brown flour and sugar and more) and something like scrambled eggs. It was not inspiring but good enough to go with!

In my hotel room I have a small single bed, one working light and two non functional lights, a tiled bathroom, an armoire and….um….interesting electrical arrangements. The electrical in Frank and Leena’s room is even more interesting. I am able to plug in my laptop power supply via a plug conversion.

Internet is available only in a nearby Internet café at 20 rupees for a half hour and 30 for each hour ($0.75/hour). Unfortunately, we cannot connect our laptops in this way.

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  1. Sounds interesting Dad...careful of the "electrical contraptions!" We miss you and will check back often to read your blog. Love you!