Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Off to India - 1

This long trip started Monday morning at 6 AM Alaska time. I’m writing this in the Amsterdam airport as I await the flight to Helsinki. My route of travel is Anchorage - Seattle - Amsterdam - Helsinki.

All has gone well so far. The only rough spot was some clear air turbulence over the coast of Greenland that without warning started the large Airbus A330 bucking and snorting…. And some passengers shrieking with fright after 4 hours of calm flight. We directly overheaded south Calgary on the way from Seattle to Amsterdam….I was less than 10 miles from Ryan and Kathy’s house. So it sometimes goes with modern air transportation -- near, yet far.

Wireless access at the Amsterdam airport is expensive. It is €12 for 1 hour…about $18! So, I am typing notes in a Word document for transfer later. Currency exchange is also expensive. I paid $20 for just over €9 for use in Helsinki, including a €3.5 commission. Our diminished dollar doesn’t go so far at the moment.

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