Friday, September 24, 2010

Slow Miracles

Slow miracles are just as good as fast miracles......they just aren't as flashy. We are in the midst of a slow miracle here and we are grateful for every bit of it.

Linda mentioned to me just a little while ago, "the procedure really has made a difference. I'm not in molasses like I usually am at this time of the day." That was the first thing I observed on the day of the procedure....she seemed to have more energy than usual. Today, she confirmed that without the molasses effect, her energy level has picked up.

We've been back from the trip to Albany 24 hours now, and it's at home where we can really gauge how it is going. Here at home we notice several things: 1) more energy as mentioned above; 2) a left hand and arm that is functioning better; 3) more perceived body warmth; and 4) less pain. Let me elaborate a little.

Linda in the last couple of years has been fairly low energy in the afternoon and evening. She just has "worn out". It doesn't seem so surprising now.....her jugular veins were not allowing good blood flow from her cranium.

Second, her left arm has been following the path of the left leg toward immobility. Her left leg is largely frozen in the extended position. It can be moved, but only with external force. She doesn't have the ability to move it. Her left hand has been gradually diminishing in its ability to work. She mentioned yesterday on the airplane, "my hand is still working better than it was."

Linda has always wanted a warmer room temperature than me, and I doubt that will ever change. In the last couple of years, however, she has wanted a LOT of warm things around her. If we sit to watch a movie, she has wanted a lot of cover, even with many warm clothes. Today she said, "I'm warmer than I have been." Nice!

The pain issue has been a big deal. She's not much of a complainer, but I have known that it was tough for her. Involuntary grunts of pain in the night were very common. Now, she seems to be sleeping more easily and is struggling less with pain during the day.

This is what we have seen so far. We are a couple of grateful people.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights". We are grateful for this gift of a slow miracle.

We're also grateful for pioneers like Dr. Gary Siskin at Community Care Physicians and Albany Medical Center, and the team there. What a gift they have been to us and to many others.

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