Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Selling Body Parts from Aborted Children: A "Humanitarian Undertaking"?

I am so pleased that Planned Parenthood's public relations people have clarified that selling body parts from aborted children is actually a "humanitarian undertaking". And me thinking that selling children’s body parts is just one more evidence that Planned Parenthood is a heartless organization that kills 300,000+ unborn American children a year.

Silly me thinking that the dismemberment of unborn children represents depths of barbarity unplumbed since Hitler’s concentration camp doctors. In actual fact, slicing children apart and selling their heads, internal organs and other less-useful parts has, their PR people say, the "potential to cure disease, save lives, and ameliorate suffering."

Thanks for getting me straightened out, Planned Parenthood. You're awesome.

As an aside, I do not condemn any woman who has had an abortion. I do not know the individual stories and issues that led to that decision. If that is you….I have only love in my heart for you…..and honor for a fellow traveler through life….and compassion for the difficult places along the way. My contempt is focused entirely on Planned Parenthood and other organizations that profit from abortion.

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  1. I received a private message in response to this material from a friend of a friend. While I do not have permission to reproduce this person's message, I want to add my response to the discussion.

    Thanks for the thoughtful and kind message. I honor you and your opinions. I'm grateful for your civility even in profound disagreement.

    To me, Planned Parenthood (PP) feels like an organization that springs from bad fruit, and continues to bear bad fruit as a mature tree. PP seems to me to be more about reproductive freedom and sexual liberality than family. PP seems to treat abortion as just another birth control method.

    I believe that it is family that is the backbone of healthy cultures.....and that sexual liberality of men and women often dims lives and damages that cultural backbone.

    While part of me would like to bring abortion to an end everywhere and for all time because I believe it to be a slaughter of innocents, it feels as if there must be some middle ground. Abortion on demand has killed around 60 million American children. That is evil. What we had before Roe v Wade was unworkable.

    But I believe since Roe v Wade many have come to see abortion as an always morally acceptable solution just because it is legal.

    It is true that abortions have declined slightly in the US since about 1990, but the information I have seen indicates that PP's share in them has increased year over year (at least through 2007).

    I cannot agree that abortions should be an individual's choice. I believe most young people do not fully understand what they are doing and/or what the emotional and spiritual cost may be in the years to come. Abortion kills children and emotionally maims many mothers...and fathers.

    For me, it seems abortion will likely always be with us. Some reasonable pathway to acceptable abortion needs be found. But I will continue to inveigh against abortion on demand because my heart tells me that it is one of the great evils of all time.