Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are we having fun yet?

I'm writing this from Reno, NV, the city where the glitz meets the Sierras. Glitz seems to be writ large here. See for example the casino interior at right >>>

We eat breakfast, for example, in "the Eldorado." It's a fairly nice buffet any time of the day. But just down one level is a most impressive maze of one armed bandits. They are lit colorfully, and blink dutifully so as to attract attention. The walls are covered with mirrors, and the layout is...confusing. Turns out that there is a science to this. A maze-like layout keeps the rubes contained so they spend more.

I decided to try a bit of gambling since it's new to me. Since I had found a quarter in our room heating unit I had some cash to spare. So...I selected a likely looking machine, inserted the quarter, and waited. That didn't seem to produce the expected flood of quarters, so I hit a few buttons. That produced spinning of wheels. But no stream of quarters. I give up: 100% of my efforts failed to produce riches.

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