Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Psalm 36

David, the Israelite prophet and king that forged the 12 tribes into a nation, was a man after God's heart. This morning I read Psalm 36 in my Swedish Bible. I have read the words before in English, but reading the words in Swedish gave me new perspective on David's understanding.

It's easy to think of David living with few worries in a king's palace, but that would not be true. His mistakes were huge and his tribulations were many, but his faith was strong and he persevered through it all. In his words we can catch a glimpse of the source of his strength.

Hear with your spiritual ears these words translated from Swedish:

Lord, up in Heaven stretches your mercy,
your faithfulness, even to the skies.

Your righteousness is as mighty mountains,
your judgments as the great sea deeps.
Both people and animals fear you, Lord.

How precious is your mercy, God!
The children of mankind have their refuge under the shadow of your wings.

They are satisfied of the rich gifts in your house,
from your streams of loveliness you give them drink.

Because in you is the fountain of life
in your light we see light.

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