Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The New Bike

I don't think I have had a new bike since I was a kid. My family all contributed to the purchase of a new mountain bike / commuter this past weekend, and it's great!

My main reason for the purchase is being able to ride back and forth to my part time work. It's only a four minute commute by car, and it's 25 minutes by bicycle, but I like the exercise. I also like not paying for the gas and I like not transferring more carbon out of the earth's crust and injecting it into our atmosphere and ocean. And then there's the fact that we own just one internal combustion machine, and I'd like to keep it under two.

There's a bit of a hill or two along the way, but scarcely worth mentioning. There are bike paths or low speed suburban roads all the way, so it's a good, safe route.

The bike is red and white, has 21 gears and disc brakes and goes like crazy. The boy in me likes it. :}

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