Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The West's Last Chance

Here's a provocative quote from The West's Last Chance -- Will We Win the Clash of Civilization, by Tony Blankley.

"...I believe a case can be made, and very reasonably hoped for, that Europe's current trends of the last half-century are even now beginning to reverse. Just as America turned sharply to the right a generation ago -- returning to freer markets, a religious revival, traditional values, increased birthrates, military strength, and national pride -- so will Europe take a similar path in time to reinvigorate its culture and hold off, for the third time in history, an Islamic challenge to the West."

And another:

"Today, the challenge for America and the West is to remain alert to the fact that today's Islamist insurgency is something different from anything we have experienced before. For Europeans, it is something different from even the earlier Muslim expansions.

Because it is something new for us, our laws, tradions, ethical codes, and concepts of friend and foe have not evolved to recognize and manage the threat......Because our law and cultural institutions have not experienced a great cultural insurgency in a globalized, Interneted, and biological, chemical, and nuculear weapon-filled world, we must consider with cool logic to what extent our self-imposed historic standards of conduct are sufficient to protect us from this new danger."

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