Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Work in the box

Most of my working life I labored inside the structure of specific working hours. I was paid whether my productivity was 100% or 50%, or whether what I did was useful or just busywork.

I have my own business now, and so I work outside the box of normal working hours. Part of the time since leaving ADF&G I have rented an office; other times I have worked at home. When we lived overseas, I mostly worked at home.

For the last couple of days, I've been keeping a log of what I am doing -- down to 1/10 hour intervals.

An interesting conclusion has come out of the first part of this: I don't work in the business as much as I thought I did. Part of my computer time turns out to be reading news, talking to friends on email or Skype, or MSN, writing, church work, etc. That's good news and bad news: I'm making more per hour than I thought, and I'm not working as hard as I could!

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