Sunday, January 29, 2006

I may look like an American on the outside...

....but I have the world in my heart.

After the better part of three years in Bible school, Christian university, and mission service to the church in Uppsala, Sweden, I am infected with an irreversible understanding that there are billions who do not yet know Christ. My heart has been enlarged by deep friendships with people from many lands. My sense of direction has been challenged by people who push the envelope of expanding the Gospel.

I am happy to be in Alaska and I am happy to be near our children. But my heart is restless to be pushing back the darkness. I am and will always be an American. I thank my God for this country. But I have the world in my heart.

How, Lord, shall I use the gifts you have given for enlarging your kingdom on the earth? How, Lord, do I reconcile the need to work for a living with the burn in my heart to work for your Kingdom?

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