Saturday, February 23, 2008

India - 12 February 2008 - Delhi Belly

It goes by "Montezuma's Revenge" in Mexico and no doubt other names in other parts of the world. Among India travelers it's called "Delhi belly" and it probably comes in different flavors. Mine came with with a headache, "running stomach" as a Swedish friend delicately put it, and feeling wiped out.

It hit Saturday evening the 9th of February, which was the night we returned home from our village trip. We took the train that night. Getting on the train wasn't too bad, but getting off the train the next morning was zombie land. My friends guided me to my hotel room, and I spent the next 24 hours pretty much sleeping. I seem to remember knocks on the door, and friends appearing to check on me, to provide Coca Cola, and other comfort items.

I'm writing this about two weeks later, and while it is less bothersome, I still have some reminders with me.

Acquiring Delhi belly is simple. All one need do is drink the tap water. I was thinking that I didn't need Delhi belly so I had avoided drinking that, even going to the trouble of brushing my teeth with bottled water. But all it takes is one drop of on a washed plate that was not dried. And that may have been the vehicle that carried the little organism to my mouth. Or, maybe I didn't clean my hands often enough.

The only good thing about Delhi belly is that it has helped with weight loss. If you go, I recommend giving it a miss.

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