Monday, February 11, 2008

India -- 8 February 2008 -- Love Center

After much careful driving over passable roads and occasional smooth sailing on sections of really good roads we arrived at Love Center (not the real name). It sits right at the edge of a real Indian jungle. Outside on a tall tree was a troop of black faced monkeys, and there be tigers and leopards here, no foolin’. On the other side is the village of about 2000 people. The Center is built right at the edge of the forest at the outskirts of the village.

We were met with excitement by 50+ children. Most are orphans, but some have come here because of parental inability or unwillingness to care for them. Some were shy, but others immediately warmed to us.

The evening that we spent with them, the children sang for us. It was a moving experience. The children sang mostly in English but a few songs in Hindi. Learning English is a huge advantage for Indians. This common language of this complex country is English, and learning it allows young people to both communicate with other Indians who do not share their language and with others from abroad.

What we saw is only a beginning of the vision. When Love Center teamed up with an international organization, more money became available, and along with it, new perspectives and even larger vision. The center is working on purchasing more land so that more buildings can be constructed. Their plan is to care for about 100 children, and at the same time provide occupational training for them and children in nearby communities. This will provide opportunities for relational evangelism.

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