Saturday, February 02, 2008

India – 2 February 2008 – The Bible School

This day started early with temple chanting starting at 4:30. It was LOUD. Sleep was difficult after that time. Pastor Mothas, who also stayed in the house with Ragij and family, says there is only one or two people doing this chanting, and probably no others in the temple. The loudspeakers were only 50 meters from where I slept, as it turned out.

A Bible school meets here, as mentioned earlier. The believers assemble twice weekly for an entire day. There are several teachers. We greeted them and prayed over them. They are earnest in their new faith, having left other Gods….and families and friends in many cases…behind them.

On their wall is a graph of church member numbers and local churches in Ragij’s district. It has been steadily growing and the goal for 2008 is one that can only be reached by faith….and it will be reached.

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