Monday, February 11, 2008

India -- 8 February 2008 -- Islam in India

This district of the Indian state through which we traveled is predominately Muslim. It can be seen in the dress of some of the people, and in the small mosques along the way. It can be heard in the early mornings with the call to prayer just before dawn.

Hinduism is certainly the predominant religion of India. In fact, another name for the country is Hindustan….country of the Hindus. But in portions of the nation, other religions are larger. In Punjab, in the Northwest part of the state, Sikhism is the largest. There are also Jains, Buddhists, and others. Christianity is also much in evidence here, although overall it is one of the smaller religions.

Interestingly, Middle Eastern Islamic states have been pouring oil money into building up that religion here. They have been building up Islamic structures and providing training. Even in small villages a “false front” style mosque can be seen, consisting only of a wall and a couple of modest minarets.

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