Monday, February 04, 2008

India - 3 February 2008 - The Radio Program

As indicated below Frank has been working for some years with Jyotsna on radio programs. These five minute programs have had tremendous response from people in India, with many cards and letters pouring in; some even having started churches as a result of hearing about God’s word.

Today we traveled to where the program has been recorded. It is a ministry within a church with many regional and local branches. The church is planting about one church per day right now. We came into a nicely appointed recording studio. The entire building was constructed at a very high level of excellence. “We have built this to the Lord” the radio program director, “and we wanted it to be excellent.” The sound-deadening walls of the studio were finished with strips of hand carved Indian paneling.

Jyotsna and his wife and some younger friends worked with him on this day’s dramas. They were about death…how does one understand and cope with death and dying, from the perspective of a believer in Jesus. The five minute programs are long enough to have some substance, and short enough to maintain attention.

Later as the program director talked about the ministry of the church he spoke on persecution. He says it is happening now more and more. Just this past weekend an Assemblies of God church building was burned down and some of the inhabitants beaten. Some church leaders have told believers that if they are not willing to be martyred, then perhaps this is not the church for them.

We met the bishop of this region for this church movement. He was a tall, well-built, grave but polite Indian in his 50’s. Being a church leader is surely no easy task here in these days.

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