Saturday, February 23, 2008

India - 14 February 2008 - Leaving the Airport

How hard can it be to get on an airplane? At Indira Gandhi Airport outside of New Delhi, it turned out to be much harder than expected on the night we left.

We headed for the airport in plenty of time -- a good thing, as it turned out. When we arrived, there was an impressive traffic jam at the departure area, and an impressive people jam outside the two entry doors. Hundreds of passengers were jostling and pushing trying to get to the two doors. Entry was blocked by soldiers checking passports and travel documents. No one without travel documents was allowed a bad thing considering the number of people outside the doors trying to earn some baksheesh or steal some money.

Once inside we had to make our way through an insane line of people trying to get their bags scanned BEFORE checking them in at the ticket counters.

Going through customs was not difficult, and neither was going through the long security line. It was just time consuming.

Allow lots of time before your flight from this airport.

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