Saturday, February 02, 2008

India – 2 February 2008 – The Apostle

I saw an apostle working today. For those that believe the apostles disappeared at the beginning of the church age, I won’t argue over the title. All I know is that I have on several occasions now watched men work as did the first apostles.

Pastor Mothas is such a man. In a quiet but gently assertive way, he uses his relationships with other pastors to support their ministry. He told us privately that God had shown him that Ragij is the man chosen by the Lord to be an overseer for this Indian state. For this reason, he has been helping in a number of ways.

One of those ways is as an advocate. As we and he were riding south on the train, Mothas concluded that we might be able to help Ragij, so when I asked later how do we in the west help this growing church movement, he was ready with an answer. He suggested that we provide enough funds for pastoral trainee support…2000 Rs per month, or about $50 USD. We did leave double that amount as a gift, and said that were it possible to do more, we would.

I asked him if would be willing to help with the transmission of such funds, should that be possible for us. He was politely not willing. This, for me was another indication of where he stands with this: he is a helper and a guide, not a controller. I suspect also that he could see an added layer of bureaucracy for himself. When we asked for his email, he just said that he didn’t do much email, and by extrapolation, he doesn’t want to do much more.

Last night Mothas talked into the wee hours with Ragij….just 1-1/2 hours before the temple started blaring…..I was impressed with the self sacrifice of the man.

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