Friday, February 01, 2008

India – Dinner – 31 January 2008

The food was interesting at dinner but not nearly so interesting as the company. Our dinner companions included an Indian church network leader and his wife, and a European who is working on publishing Christian materials. I won’t mention their names for security.

By the way, this discussion of security is not just being cute. During dinner the church leader told of growing threat to Christians and leaders, and cited some disturbing recent news. A swami in Aurissa has been inciting Hindus to attack Christians. This is not the first time this has happened, but a growing violence and Hindu nationalism threatens. Christianity is making great gains in India, but the enemy of our souls is rising up in counterattack.

The church network leader spoke of a great Christian work rising in a nearby state where he says there are now 2.5 million believers. He is going there with us tomorrow and the next day. He wants to partner with Frank so that new Christians and leaders can obtain Bibles and Christian teaching. There is nothing like seeing the work first hand and developing relationships with the leaders involved.

Dinner is pleasant and somewhat intense. A lot of information is being exchanged, but the main reason for eating together is simply the continuation and building of relationship. On such relationships is the Kingdom of God built.

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